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Citizen 7441794 you have been selected to volunteer for operation 'Peaceful Justice'.

Navigate the occupied territory and locate the regional processing server. Avoid detection at all costs.

Once you are within 300 meters activate your cranial explosive implant and destroy the server.

If successful your family citizen 9668253 and juvenile's 2747358 and 2747359 will be relocated from 'Heavy Metals Extraction Facility 988' to 'Aquatic Vegetation Processing Plant 463. They will also be issued 3 additional weekly ration coupons.

If you fail your family will be incinerated.

Your contribution in the fight against the godless machine enemy is valuable.

We of the agency for human survival salute your sacrifice.


Please open this page in a non-chrome browser to play for free in browser, or download the game for your platform.

WASD to Move

Shift to run

Hold left mouse button to explode skull

P to stop voice over

Click to start


Created over about 12 hours for the Ludum Dare 32 Game Jam. Programming, Sound and Design by Matt MirrorFish. Voice over by Naoma N.




skullbomb_osx_by_mattmirrorfish.zip 13 MB
skullbomb_linux_by_mattmirrorfish.zip 14 MB
skullbomb_windows_by_mattmirrorfish.zip 40 MB