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Walk around, look at the lights and listen to the sounds. Environments and music are procedurally generated and different each time. No goals, no nothing. Created as part of Procjam and 7DFPS 2018.

I've made the full source code (including music files) for Alea City One available for sale here: https://mattmirrorfish.itch.io/alea-city-one-source

1.1 Update: Fixed broken cursor, stopped player from sometimes falling through level, massively decreased build size by compressing the music.


AleaCityOne_1.1_byMattSchell_Windows.zip 73 MB
AleaCityOne_1.1_byMattSchell_OSX.zip 79 MB


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Very very nice visuals and sound. I like the dynamic light attached to the bullet. Great game. Would love an expanded version of this. Where do you think you spent most of your time during development?

Thank you so much Nikki! I might well do an expanded version, my (distant, fantasy) project I'd like to do at some point encompasses multiple different things like this which you can explore and take pictures in, so this or a modified version of this might become part of that.

I "cheated" a bit on this because I used my own procedural generation tool Strata for the level layouts with some small tweaks, but that would have taken a lot of time if I'd done it from scratch. So that would be it, since I spent probably about 8 weeks full time building that outside the jam and getting it to a level of polish where it could be released commercially.

That being said, the time was pretty evenly distributed. I spent a fair amount of time wrestling with Unity's HDRP to get the volumetric lighting working, since it's new. I had some nice effects going with volumetrics off the floating light panels as well (my original idea) but it ended up being too expensive performance wise, even on my very fast computer, so I backed off and just went with a single directional volumetric.

I spent a good amount of time on the audio as well, trying to create something that felt varied and interesting while hitting the right mood over a long length of time.

I think I spent about 24 work hours overall on this, not including the Strata procedural level tool time. I also re-used the menu template which was something I built for my day job at Unity, that's freely available. So lots of "cheating" :)

I'm planning to do some post-mortem tutorial style videos soon for my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxRW28Si8_Vb27-IDhFMMKQ so keep an eye out for those and I'll go into more detail. 

Thanks so much for checking it out!