A downloadable screen saver for Windows and macOS

Beach takes you on a trip to a shipyard in the middle of an ocean.

Beach is procedurally generated. Press space for a new beach.

Created for #screensaverjam.

Two versions of beach have audio accompaniment. For true screensaver behavior with no audio download Beach OSX Screensaver (No Audio) or Beach Windows Screensaver (No Audio).

All sounds, programming and art by Matt Mirrorfish.



Install instructions

Download and unzip the archive. Press escape to quit.


Beach w/ sound for Windows 167 MB
Beach w/ sound for OS X 138 MB
Beach OSX Screensaver (No Audio) 11 MB
Beach Windows Screensaver (No Audio) 40 MB


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This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

Those environments were incredible

Thanks so much! Appreciate your including it in your video!